To love is an act of faith
"If hope lies in borrowed smiles, Feel free to take them all. I suddenly recalled that i have yours for my own." - HOWL FROM A S H E W O L F

H E L L O // H O L A : My name is Marina and I´m 20 years old, i live in Salta Argentina, Im concurretly in my last year of my Graphic Desing degree, trying to survive university, loving the smell of dark coffee, listening to my favorites amazing bands, married to Coldplay, OMAM AND BASTILLE. A fangirl to a lot of shows. A learning artist to different things because i cant pick just one. A shipper. A jumper and tank tops fan. A sucker for rainy days and salty things. A WARRIOR AND A LOVER. I really adore beards in men, like woah dat beard. I live in my own kind of weird world. I REALLY REALLY LIKE WOLVES. T H A T S A L L. Have amazing times on my blog, if you wanna talk im right here, if you wanna fight me... well you asked for it. XOXO
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