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"If hope lies in borrowed smiles, Feel free to take them all. I suddenly recalled that i have yours for my own." - HOWL FROM A S H E W O L F

H E L L O // H O L A : My name is Marina and I´m 20 years old, i live in Salta Argentina, Im concurretly in my last year of my Graphic Desing degree, trying to survive university, loving the smell of dark coffee, listening to my favorites amazing bands, married to Coldplay, OMAM AND BASTILLE. A fangirl to a lot of shows. A learning artist to different things because i cant pick just one. A shipper. A jumper and tank tops fan. A sucker for rainy days and salty things. A WARRIOR AND A LOVER. I really adore beards in men, like woah dat beard. I live in my own kind of weird world. I REALLY REALLY LIKE WOLVES. T H A T S A L L. Have amazing times on my blog, if you wanna talk im right here, if you wanna fight me... well you asked for it. XOXO





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Is this real life


have you ever known somebody so shitty they completely ruin that first name for you?

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you son of a mumford

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a king of camelot. 

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Pedro Pascal Explains the Ecstasy of Oberyn Martell - Making Game of Thrones

  • HBO: In a previous episode, Oberyn is writing a poem for his daughter. Have you thought through his life in Dorne?
  • Pedro Pascal: I see him as an extremely contemporary, progressive and loving father. I think it's so suitable that he had nothing but daughters to raise. He doesn't shape ideas based on old conventions so his daughters are not limited by backwards, medieval morality.
  • HBO: He's very emotionally intelligent.
  • Pedro Pascal: I think there's a depth in the way that Oberyn perceives the world and the way he lives in it. I think there's a lot of woman inside of Oberyn, which attributes to his strength.
  • HBO: Can you explain what you mean by "a lot of woman"?
  • Pedro Pascal: Perceptiveness. Intelligence. In the world of 'Game of Thrones,' which can harshly reflect some of the darker elements of our reality, I would argue that women are often forced to be smarter and more in touch with themselves because their circumstances are so ruled by men. Women's survival skills kick in a bit earlier.
  • HBO: Would you say that Oberyn is a feminist?
  • Pedro Pascal: Absolutely. Without choosing to be. It's just intrinsic and logical to him. Ellaria Sand is the love of his life because she is his equal, if not his superior, in certain ways. That's part of what makes him such a fierce man because he knows who to take his lead from.
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AU: Claudia Auditore finds the remaining Romulus followers and she helps them out by making their group gather more followers and in turn, help out the assassin brotherhood. They are very faithful to her and call her their “Little Red Riding Hood”.

With such a title however, they make sure never to upset their red riding hood as she’s got a nasty temper and is stronger and skilled than all of them.

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So I was explaining my gender-fluidity to my grandmother

  • Me: So sometimes I'm a boy, but sometimes I'm a girl.
  • Grandma: I have enough idiot granddaughters already
  • Me:
  • Grandma:
  • Me:
  • Grandma: But I also have enough idiot grandsons, so having an idiot who isn't really either one is kind of refreshing.
  • *then later*
  • My mom: Alex, can you come pick up these LEGOs?
  • Me: Yeah... *doesn't move at all*
  • Grandma: Katie, go pick up the LEGOs
  • Me: Yeah, alright *goes to pick up LEGOs*
  • Grandma: See, you addressed the boy, but I addressed the girl. Boys are lazy, girls get crap done.
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DEADPOOL - “Oh, F***K Me” (High Quality) - Here’s that test footage that has been popping up all over since it leaked at comic-con, featuring Ryan Reynolds as The Merc With The Mouth - in crisp, clear video! Looks so much better! Watch now before it gets taken down.