To love is an act of faith
"If hope lies in borrowed smiles, Feel free to take them all. I suddenly recalled that i have yours for my own." - HOWL FROM A S H E W O L F

H E L L O // H O L A : My name is Marina and I´m 20 years old, i live in Salta Argentina, Im concurretly in my last year of my Graphic Desing degree, trying to survive university, loving the smell of dark coffee, listening to my favorites amazing bands, married to Coldplay, OMAM AND BASTILLE. A fangirl to a lot of shows. A learning artist to different things because i cant pick just one. A shipper. A jumper and tank tops fan. A sucker for rainy days and salty things. A WARRIOR AND A LOVER. I really adore beards in men, like woah dat beard. I live in my own kind of weird world. I REALLY REALLY LIKE WOLVES. T H A T S A L L. Have amazing times on my blog, if you wanna talk im right here, if you wanna fight me... well you asked for it. XOXO



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Print are available on society6, I’ll remove them at the end of september.

1 week left before I delete everything !

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oh man wouldn’t it be GREAT if Hollywood gave Medusa the movie treatment and showed her as the tragic wronged hero she was? Just chillin’ out as a just a ordinary woman until Poseidon raped her in Athena’s temple and instead of being like “DUDE UNCLE NO WTF ARE YOU DOING?!” and smiting him, Athena punished the victim and turned her into a monster with snakes for hair…only wait Athena isn’t an idiot and how could she even punish the god of the sea? But she could give Medusa the power to make sure no man ever laid a goddamn finger on her again. Until Perseus traipsed in and fucked it all up. Way to go idiot. I bet if you’d just asked nicely she might have turned shit to stone for you.

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Telling your son not to “be such a girl” lets his sister who overhears the conversation know that being a girl is not a good thing and she should be sorry and ashamed of herself.

It also reminds your son that being a boy is better than being a girl and therefore he is better than any girl he will ever meet.

In russian if you cry you get called a cabbage. Vote to change “dont be such a girl to “dont be such a cabbage” say I.


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"be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods." the best advice I’ve ever received.

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Lineart by papabay colors by me

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Every student should look at Cats Don’t Dance designs for training!

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I never go back on my word…


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